All are up to date on preventative care including: Rabies, DA2PP, +/- Lyme, +/- Kennel Cough, Accuplex, CBC/Chem 10/UA, fecal analysis, and on Simparica Trio for flea/tick/heartworm prevention. All eat Purina ProPlan canned and dry.

Rumor, 6yr old female, light blue, 23"/48lbs, retired breeder, spayed. Looking to be the only spoiled dog in an active family home. Good with kids, gentle, however does have prey drive, will never be trustworthy around free roaming chickens, chipmunks or the like. Completely house and crate trained, loves going for rides, walks, playing tug or fetch. Would make a wonderful greeter for your small business, grooming competition, or a junior handler. $1,000 (IN NEW HOME)

Adele, 3 yr old female, standard, blue, 22'/40lbs, guardian home, intact. Super loving, calm, crate and house trained. Looking for her own person. Will be bred on her next cycle (March/April). She may have 1 more litter next year then can be spayed. (IN NEW HOME)

Camila, 3yr old female, standard, cream, 22.5"/38lbs, guardian home, intact. Super loving, more energy, drive than her sister, crate and house trained. Loves fast cat/lure coursing, would play in barn hunt, would have fun in agility. Grooming competition candidate. Will be bred on her next cycle (March/April). She may have 1 more litter next year then can be spayed. 

Camo, 2yr old male, standard, black & white parti, 24.5"/55lbs, looking for guardian home, intact. Gets along well with pack or as pair. Has been the lowest pack member of all other dogs in hh. Goofy, gentle, loving, lower prey drive, house and crate trained, very food motivated, fun and playful. 

Thunder, 5yr old male, standard silver, 23"/45lbs, looking for guardian home, intact, gets along well with other dogs, good with kids, playful, sweet, loves cuddling but also independent. House and crate trained. Will need to establish no-marking in new environment or wear belly band, expecting his desire to mark will decrease when no longer living with other intact males and females in season. Very nice boy! (placement pending)

Feather, 2yr old female, mini, blue, 10"/8lbs, looking for guardian home, intact, higher energy, drive, has small dog bark, uses combination of litterbox, training pads, outside, able to climb fences so needs secure yard or on leash. Loves flirt pole play, fetch, would likely love fast cat/lure coursing, barn hunt. Very sweet and social, less confident in new environments and more reactive to sounds than sister. (placement pending)

Our guardian homes take day to day care of the Poodle as they would their own pet, feeding, vetting, training, grooming etc. The difference is the Poodle will remain intact during it's breeding career and remain AKC/UKC registered to us. Females could have up to 3 litters, males could be used a couple times a year depending on different factors. We would cover any expenses related to the breeding, whelping, raising the litter and placing the puppies on our purchase contract. Females would come back to us to have and raise their litter, this would be a great time to plan a vacation and not have to pay for a pet sitter/boarding. 

Those that live within 50 miles of Athol, MA, have prior dog experience and desire to compete in dog sports or companion events make the best guardian homes however if interested please inquire! 

It's a great option to obtain a quality Poodle at a discounted rate then potentially end up getting that upfront money back (AKA “free” Poodle). Ask us for our guardian home contract.