DoeValley Titled Poodles

Where health, temperament & the breed standard are equally important. 
Home to the truly versatile poodle.

Our Poodles Past & Present
Ruger   When the Gunsmoke Clears RN, JH, WC, WCX, CGC - Rainbow Bridge
Wigeon   UKC CH Tintlet's Classic First Stop CD, RN, WC, CGC, RATI, VC- Rainbow Bridge
Dagmar   UKC CH Cantope Silver Extraordinaire CD, RN, RA, HIT, CGC, RATI, VC- Rainbow Bridge
Indy    UKC CH DoeValley's Lil Miss Independence RN, TDI, CGC- Rainbow Bridge
Goose   UKC CH DoeValley's Duck Duck Goose RN, CGC - Retired & now living with another DoeValley SPoo
Manny    UKC CH DoeValley's Impossible 2 Outmaneuver RN, RATI, CGC- Rainbow Bridge

Bluff- UKC CH DoeValley & RCA ReadMy Pokerface TKN, RO1, RATI, Retired and living the best life with her new BFF!

Rumor- UKC CH Debonair Rumor Has It @ DoeValley- RO1

Henna- UKC CH APAW's Harmonious Design- TKN, SPOT-ON, RO1, Retired and living the best life with her new BFF!

Thunder- UKC CH DoeValley's Thunderstruck TKN, SPOT-ON, RO1, Total Dog

Freddie- UKC CH DoeValley Bohemian Rhapsody

Camila- UKC CH DoeValley Rollin In The Deep 

Adele- UKC CH DoeValley Set Fire To The Rain 

Sasha- DoeValley Wild Horses

Gracie- DoeValley Amazing Grace

Camo- DoeValley Winter Camouflage

Poodles bred by DoeValley- trained by & living with others

Huxley   Huxley of Doe Valley UD, AXP, AJP, CGC

Beau   DoeValley Beau RA, RE, BN, CD, CDSPN

Mim   DoeValley's Violet Mad Madame Mim CGC

Baci   DoeValley's Baci PCD BN RE MX MXJ XF T2B CGC

Katie  DoeValley Debonair's Silvermist CGC, CGCA, THDN, RTD

Navy   DoeValley's Navy Destroyer CD PCD BN GN RE AX MXJ OAP OJP XF NFP CGC ( USCA: BH)

BOOH     MACH DoeValley's Russian Amethyst MXS MJG MFB T2B

Annabelle  UKC CH Tintlet DoeValley Lady Annabella CGC

Kismet   DoeValley's Kismet CGC, TDI, Reading Assistance Dog

River  Doevalley's Swift River MX MXJ NAP XF THDN CGC TKI

Fiona- UKC CH DoeValley Shameless