Puppy Purchase Contract


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It is accepted and agreed that _____________________________________purchase from DoeValley Standard Poodles , one  male / female Standard Poodle puppy, whelped _________, color ___________, micro-chip#  ____________________________, for the sum of $________  including a $500 (five hundred dollar) non-refundable deposit.


Sire: Registered Name:  _____________________________________________________      AKC Reg.# _____________________

Dam: Registered Name:  ____________________________________________________       AKC Reg.#:_____________________


Sale Conditions as follows:

A. General Care

  • This dog will be fed a high quality meat based diet that meets WASAVA guidelines. 
  • This dog will receive prompt medical care for any condition that may arise. 
  • This dog will receive routine annual veterinary care including exam, inoculations, and heartworm prevention at a minimum per your veterinarian's recommendations. 
  • This dog will receive regular grooming to include bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and coat clipping to keep dog comfortable and free of matted hair.  Poodles generally need to be clipped at least every 8 weeks with weekly brushings in between.  This can be done by yourself if you are willing to learn and purchase the necessary equipment or will need to be done by a professional.
  • This dog will be confined in an adequate enclosed area, or on leash, and not allowed to roam at will.
  • Breeder will be made aware by purchaser of any medical conditions this dog may acquire throughout its lifetime that may have genetic potential or are chronic in nature.  
  • Buyer will make breeder aware in writing any change in contact information if different than on this contract.
  • Breeder will send out periodic health survey cards that you will fill out and return to breeder.
  • We highly recommend this dog be enrolled in Trupanion Pet Insurance for it’s entire life.  Breeder has arranged 30 days of complimentary coverage beginning as soon as puppy leaves the breeder’s home.  The purchaser must call Trupanion within 24 hours to have this coverage.  In addition to injuries and illness, Trupanion covers known genetic problems of Standard Poodles including but not limited to:
    • Base Narrow Canines that puncture the palate
    • Skin issues such as Sebaceous Adenitis, Allergies, Ear Infections
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Eye Disorders such as Entropion
    • Addison’s
    • Bloat
    • Seizures
    • The List Goes On

If your Poodle were to have any of these issues, the policy would pay for itself.


______ Buyer Initials


B. Health Guarantee

  • This animal’s health is guaranteed for the first 72 hours (3 days) after date of sale in the case of communicable disease.  It is recommended that the buyer have the dog examined by a reputable veterinarian during this time period, especially if coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy.
  • Terms for non-congenital defects shall be as follows:
  • A full refund of purchase price will be given for any dog returned in same condition during the first 120 hours (5 days) after the sale.  Said dog shall be returned with all shipping expenses, including health certificate +/- veterinary exam report, being paid by the buyer.
  • Terms for congenital (present at birth) and/or inherited (genetic in nature- may not be present at birth) defects.       The seller guarantees this dog to be free of presently known congenital/inherited defects that would make this dog unsuitable as a pet. The breeder cannot guarantee that the dog will not become symptomatic with a genetic disease in the future. We do all screening tests currently available on our dams and require the same of the sires we use.  However, genetic diseases can be transmitted in a recessive manner.  Should a puppy be diagnosed with moderate or severe Hip Dysplasia (per OFA), Sebaceous Adenitis (SA). Addison’s, blindness or deafness by a licensed veterinarian, one of the options listed below is available. The health guarantee does not guarantee against such conditions including but not limited to umbilical (belly button) hernia, retained testicle, any bite abnormalities or any conditions that do not affect the pet's overall quality/quantity of life as a pet. The seller will not be responsible for payment of vet bills associated with any defect of the puppy; those are the responsibility of the Buyer. Seller has option of repeating testing (at seller‘s expense) and having dog evaluated by seller‘s veterinarian. Should this dog be diagnosed with an inherited defect that greatly effects quality/quantity of life by a qualified veterinary specialist, within three (3) years of age, the following options are given to the purchaser;

           Seller will refund 50% of the purchase price (less non-refundable deposit) stated above if the buyer does not wish to replace and return             the dog,


            Buyer will return the dog to the seller (at buyer's expense) and receive a full refund of the purchase price stated above less any of                      seller's expenses as outlined in E-1.


No amount of refund shall exceed the dog’s original purchase price. 

No refund will be given until this dog is spayed or neutered. 

Written verification by a licensed veterinarian including diagnosis and testing must accompany refund request.

_______ Buyer Initials


C. Spay/Neuter Agreement

  • AKC registration papers will be supplied to purchaser at time of sale.  This dog will be registered as “LIMITED REGISTRATION”.  Limited registration restricts any placement in conformation shows or breeding.  It does allow any and all placements into performance events.          
  • This dog must be spayed/neutered by 6-9 months of age.  Written proof of spay/neuter will be supplied to breeder within 60 days of the procedure being performed.  Unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance such as in the case of performance dogs that may be left intact until 2 years of age. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • This dog will not be used for ANY breeding without written consent from breeder.  If a litter is produced using this dog either accidentally or intentionally then this dog and all offspring will be immediately returned to Seller.  If seller becomes aware of any offspring created by the mating of this dog the seller shall have recourse through the courts for damages for no less than $5,000 (five thousand dollars).
  • This dog shall not be registered by the UKC, ACA, CKC, or any other registry under its AKC registered name or any other name for the purpose of producing or selling puppies.  The seller shall have recourse as stated above in C3.

  ______Buyer Initials


D. Training

  • This dog will be taken to, and trained in, at least one 6-8-week obedience course prior to the age of six months.  Ideally the puppy will have started in a puppy kindergarten class at about 8-14 weeks of age and continue obedience training throughout its life.  Taking formal training classes in obedience, agility, rally, etc. are both fun and rewarding to owner and dog.  We can refer you to several facilities that do a great job using current positive training techniques +/- clicker training.

______Buyer Initials



E. What if we can’t keep dog any longer?

  • If at any time the Buyer listed above can no longer care for this dog, it is agreed that the buyer will return the dog to the breeder at the buyer’s expense. The breeder will re-home this dog.  If this dog is resold then any profit, less the breeder’s expenses, will be refunded.  Breeder expenses to include, but not limited to, veterinary health check, boarding, food, advertising, travel, and training expenses.  If this dog is given to a breeder-approved friend or family member, the contact information of the new owner shall be provided to DoeValley Standard Poodles.  Any new owner shall be required to follow the terms of this agreement.
  • It is agreed that the Buyer shall not dispose of this dog to a dog dealer, pet shop, agent of either, animal shelter, or rescue group.
  • If the Buyer is responsible for the disposal of this dog to any organizations listed above, the seller shall have recourse through the courts for damages in our name and reputation for no less than $5,000.00 (Five Thousand dollars).
  • Buyer will abide by all local, county, state and national regulations as to licensing, care, and responsibility of the dog.

______Buyer Initials


F. Additional Agreements:



______Buyer Initials    _______Seller Initials

Both Buyer and seller agree to accept all legal consequences for violation of the above stated terms as shown by their signatures given below.


______________________________________                    ______/______/_________

BUYER                                                                                   Date

______________________________________                    ______/______/_________

SELLER                                                                                   Date


Buyer Contact Information (please print)

Name(s)_______________________________________________________________________   Address_______________________________________________________________________



Home Phone#______________ Cell Phone#_______________  Other Phone#_______________