Our Poodles

Our Poodle parents are completely health tested.  Radiographs (x-rays) have been taken of their Hips, Elbows and Shoulders and certified through OFA and or Pennhip.  They also have the following clearances through OFA: Patellas (knees), Dentition (teeth), Cardiac (heart), Thyroid, SA (skin), Eyes, vWD, NEwS, DM, JRD, CBC/Chemistries/Electrolytes/Urinalysis, SDMA,
UC Davis Genetic Diversity (VGL) test  We go well above what Poodle Club of America (PCA) recommends for genetic testing and health screening.  We are happy to show you both parent’s health certificates and copies of their results are included in your puppy’s go-home packet.   
Our sires and dams are Conformation Champions proving they look like Poodles should look.  They also more importantly, have performance titles proving their great temperaments and willingness to work.  Dogs owned by others are chosen based on the same merit, but it is a challenge finding suitable dogs that meet all of our criteria.  We have previously shipped semen in from out west and drove to Northern Ontario to complete a breeding with the right dog not just the most convenient or the local "super star".  Our breeding pairs are carefully chosen to complement each other in health, temperament, conformation and structure with the goal of happy, healthy, well adjusted, puppies that make the most discriminating proud. 

I have trained my own dogs and obtained the following titles & certificates:
  • CGC- Canine Good Citizen (AKC)
  • RN- Rally Novice (AKC)
  • RA- Rally Advanced (AKC)
  • CD- Companion Dog (AKC)
  • WC- Working Certificate (PCA)
  • WCX- Working Certificate Excellent (PCA)
  • JH- Junior Hunter (AKC)
  • Working Poodle Bronze Medallion (PCA)
  • VC- Versatility Certificate (VIP)
  • VCX- Versatility Excellent Certificate (VIP)
  • CH- Champion (UKC)
  • HIT- Herding Instinct Tested (AHBA)
  • RATI- Barnhunt Instinct Test (BHA)