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Danielle G. Rouleau, founder of DoeValley Standard Poodles is a responsible ethical breeder based in Athol, Massachusetts. Established in 2002, we produce and show high quality Standard Poodles, with an equal focus on temperament, health, conformation, structural soundness and genetic diversity. 

DoeValley Standard Poodles make loving companions that excel in any venue.  We are home to truly versatile Standard Poodles.  Our SPoos make even the most discriminating proud. 

We are members of the Poodle Club of Massachusetts and exceed their code of ethics.  In addition, our Poodles are exactly what you see, we do not dye coats, color noses, alter bites, "fix" curled tails or medicate dogs to mask temperament issues like many do just to win in the ring.  Changing the appearance of a dog in these ways does nothing to better the breed.  The genes that produced those traits are still there and can be passed to the next generation.  

DoeValley Standard Poodles is an AKC Breeder Of Merit and our puppies are Bred With H.E.A.R.T.

DoeValley Standards Poodles was one of the founding members of BetterBred.  BetterBred LLC was founded to provide a simple, accessible way to analyze genetic diversity data for their dogs. It is an outgrowth of a project that helped develop the Canine Genetic Diversity Test created by Dr. Niels C. Pedersen at UC Davis for Standard Poodles.  BetterBred’s mission is to support all breeders so they can conserve the genetic diversity in their breeds. BetterBred offers proven, scientifically accurate, easy to use, online tools that help breeders make breeding choices that can keep their breeds as healthy as possible.We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Standard Poodles. Thanks for visiting!

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