Planned Litters

Puppies ready for homes April-May 2023

Adele may be bred this cycle.  The sire of choice is Thunder.  These pups would be average sized, silver or blue and be suited as loving companions or those seeking a therapy dog temperament.

Camila will be bred to a multi-titled, silver, small Standard Poodle.  This inter-variety pairing will produce small standards in silver, blue and cream in the 16-20" size range weighing 18-35lbs.  These versatile puppies will excel in anything from agility, hunting, lure coursing, obedience, therapy work and loving companions. 

Rumor will be bred to Flint, Crystal Creek's First Spark. We expect average sized (21-25" 35-55lbs),genetically diverse, biddable pups exceling in anything you'd like them to do. Puppies will be silver, blue and cream/white in solid and parti patterns.    

Applications and deposits being accepted now.  Email for more information.


Please note the following when searching for a puppy from a reputable source: 

  • Reputable breeders won't breed unless they have deposits in hand for at least half an average sized litter, this means that by the time pups are born, most already have homes.
  • The best time to start looking for a puppy from a reputable source is 6-8mths or more before you actually want to bring puppy home. This gives you time to find reputable breeders, interview them,  choose who best fits your needs, meet them, get on their waiting list etc.
  • Please be patient!  It takes time to plan, create and raise a litter the right way.  If you are finding puppies available from breeders in the few months post COVID, this could be a huge red flag.  "Greeders" will be out in droves to capitalize on this crazy time.  They will undoubtedly breed dogs that shouldn't be or more often just to fill orders for puppies. Please don't fall for this.  You want the best most healthy companion as possible.  Settling for something available now instead of waiting could have consequences for many years to come.