Beginning in May 2021 we will have a limited number of 12+ week old started pullets available.  Each chick will be raised by hand here and hatched from either our own eggs or eggs selectivley purchased from small hobby breeders throughout New England.  Our young son, Aaron helps tend to the flock, collects eggs, cuddles chicks, and hands out snackies.  All monies we take in for our fresh eggs, hatching eggs, day old chicks and started pullets go into his college savings fund.   

Breed (Color) followed by Egg Color                                  (stock photos)

  • Crested Leghorn (White)
    • Cream 
  • Americauna (Black) 
    • Pale Blue
  • Americauna (Splash)
    • Pale Blue
  • Americauna (Blue) 
    • Pale Blue       
  • Cream Crested Legbar  
    • Blue
  • Easter Egger
    • Any Shade of Brown, Blue or Green
  • Olive Egger (Cuckoo)                               
    • Olive 
  • Olive Egger (Partridge)                             
    • Olive +/- Speckles
  • Welsummer     SOLD OUT                                          
    • Dark Brown +/- Speckles
  • Saphire Gem (Blue, Black, or Splash)
    • Pale Blue

Pullets are $40 each, your choice of breed or 

Aaron's Rainbow Flock Party Pack (4 pullets/$125) or (6 pullets $160) 

  • We choose the breed of pullets for you maximizing flock color as well as egg color.  There are many different combinations, are you up for the surprise?